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Medicine Buddha found during excavation at Angor

An 800-year-old Medicine Buddha statue has been found at an 800-year-old site in Angkor Archaeological Park in Cambodia. “We identified him because of an object in the palm of his hand…whose form is similar to a very small pyramid,” he said. “With this discovery, we have finally proven that Buddhist medicine was

Angkor-era kiln found in Cambodia

Archaeologists working in Cambodia are excavating a kiln site located near Cheung Ek Lake. Fewer than 10 of the kiln sites, which were constructed on large manmade mounds, remain undisturbed, Mr. Kaseka said, giving his three-week, National Geographic Society-funded dig additional urgency. Mr. Kaseka’s dig is “incredibly timely given the ongoing economic

Google Earth reveals Angkor Wat transportation network

Researchers using Google Earth have identified a series of lines that might be a transportation network into the Cambodian city of Angkor that might have carried the sandstone blocks used to build the famous temple of Angkor Wat. Field surveys revealed that the lines are a series of canals, connected by

Demise of Ancient City of Angkor attributed to drought

A study of sediments found in a resevoir in the ancient city of Angkor has revealed a significant drop in water levels at the same the Khmer Empire collapsed. As both water levels and sediment deposits ebbed, the ecology of the baray changed as well, with more bottom-dwelling algae and floating

Tourism threatens Angkor temples

This year 2.5 million tourists are expected to crawl all over the ancient temples of Angkor in Cambodia. Tourist arrivals quadrupled from 60,000 in 1999, to 250,000 in 2001. This year's expected total is 2.5 million. "Mass tourism is the major challenge. There will be an accelerated use of temples that were

50 year project to restore Angkor temple complete

A 50 year project to restore the ancient Angkor temple of Baphuon has finished. The restoration of the 11th-century Baphuon ruin is the result of decades of painstaking work, hampered by tropical rains and civil war, to take apart hundreds of thousands of sandstone blocks and piece them back together again. "When

Angkor temples threatened by surrounding hotels

Apparently the hotels surounding the ancient temples of Angkor are sucking up so much ground water that it is theatening the stability of the historical sites. The temples and towers of the 400-square-kilometre Angkor site sit on a base of sand, kept firm by a constant supply of groundwater

Angkor’s collapse due to drought and flooding

After studying the rings of trees at Angkor, researchers have determined that drought and flooding led to the collapse of the capital of the Khmer Empire. A prolonged drought punctuated by intense monsoons that partially destroyed the city's water-preservation infrastructure led to the 15th century collapse of the ancient city