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Anglo-Saxon cemetery found in Bronze Age barrow

An Anglo-Saxon cemetery has been found in a Bronze Age barrow excavated ahead of construction in central England. The Iron Age inhabitants may not have had any knowledge of the barrow’s original use and meaning but their respect of the surviving earthwork may show that they understood that the area held

$1.5 million coin hoard found by metal detecting club

A metal detecting club has found a hoard of Anglo-Saxon coins worth more than $1.5 million. Pete, 56, said: "They're like mirrors, no scratching, and buried really carefully in a lead container, deep down. "It looks like only two people have handled these coins. The person who made them and the person

Anglo-Saxon settlement found in Northumberland

The remains of an Anglo-Saxon settlement, dating between the 6th-8th centuries, has been unearthed in Northumberland, England. It comprised of at least six rectangular post-built halls - each thought to house a family unit - two buildings with sunken floors and a system of enclosures, fences and trackways.Anglo-Saxon pottery, loom

Remains of Anglo-Saxon princess Eadgtyh identified by teeth

The analysis of the strontium and oxygen isotopes found in the teeth of medieval remains have confirmed them as belonging to Anglo-Saxon princess Eadgyth. So British scientists have proved some bones found in Magdeburg Cathedral to be the remains of our Anglo-Saxon Princess Eadgyth. At least, science helped.

Anglo-Saxon settlement found in Gloucestershire

An Anglo-Saxon settlement which dates between the 6th and 8th centuries has been found in Gloucestershire, England. Steve Sheldon, of Cotswold Archaeology, said it was previously thought the area did not succumb to Saxon control during that period. He said the settlement was one of the best finds of his

Staffordshire hoard valued at $5.4 million

The Staffordshire hoard has been valued at a whopping $5.4 million. The money will be split between metal detector enthusiast Terry Herbert, who found the hoard, and Fred Johnson, who owns the farm where it was discovered. Mr Johnson said he had not made any plans for the money but did not

Museums face race to raise cash for Anglo-Saxon hoard

Museums hoping to buy the Anglo-Saxon 'Staffordshire hoard' are facing a race against time to raise funds for the purchase. They have just four months to come up with the money from the date valuation is agreed, under the Treasure Act Code of Conduct. Independent dealers are likely to value the hoard,

The remains of an 11th century guard dog

An excavation at Cambridge University has unearthed Medieval, Anglo-Saxon, and Roman artifacts, including the remains of an 11th-century guard dog. "What it has shown is that a century and a half before the University arrived and 300 years before it started to build in this area, people were already living and