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Anglo-Saxon village unearthed in Cambridge

An Anglo-Saxon settlement has been discovered during construction in Cambridge, England. Duncan Hawkins, Head of Archaeology and Build Heritage for CgMs, said: “Evidence of the time period 5th to 7th century AD is almost non-existent so this gives us a highly important window into understanding how people lived in that era,

Anglo-Saxon royal palace found at Rendlesham

A large structure which may be an Anglo-Saxon royal palace has been found via aerial photography at Rendlesham. The remains at the 120-acre (50 hectare) site were found with aerial photography and geophysical surveys. "We have discovered what we think is a large Anglo Saxon Hall, which could be the palace itself,

Foundations of large Anglo-Saxon building found in Scotland

The foundations of a large Anglo-Saxon building which dates back 1,200 years has been found in a field in Aberlady, Scotland. The dig unearthed evidence of a large structure, with the stone foundation of a wall along its short end. Mr Malcolm said the structure would have to be significant because of

Anglo-Saxon grave marker discovered in England

An Anglo-Saxon grave marker dating to the mid-7th-8th century A.D. has been found in Lindisfarne, England. The name on the stone, ending in the common Anglo-Saxon "frith", is half visible and the team is waiting for experts to decipher the rest. Project co-director Dr David Petts, of Durham University, said it was

Anglo-Saxon cemetery excavated

A large Anglo-Saxon cemetery with burials dating back 1,600 years has been excavated in England. Cremations, inhumations and graves accompanied by shield bosses, knives and spearheads were among the 77 burials at one of the largest Saxon cemeteries ever discovered in Wessex, say archaeologists who have released their findings after re-examining

Anglo-Saxon cemetery found in England

An Anglo-Saxon cemetery dating back between 660-780 A.D. has been found in the village of Bulford in England. Archaeologists are now planning to excavate the monuments next to the cemetery, which are made up of Early Bronze Age round barrows and are likely to become scheduled monuments. Grooved ware pottery, stone

Anglo-saxon golden mount found in Norfolk field

A mysterious gold mount dating back to the late 6th to early 7th centuries has been found in a Norfolk Field. A "mystery" gold mount found in a Norfolk field has provided "another piece of the jigsaw" for historians looking for Anglo-Saxon settlements. The item was found near Fakenham and is possibly

9th-century Anglo-Saxon salve kills MRSA

Research conducted on a 9th-century Anglo-Saxon salve for eye infections has found that it kills the modern superbug MRSA. Dr Christina Lee, an Anglo-Saxon expert from the School of English has enlisted the help of microbiologists from University’s Centre for Biomolecular Sciences to recreate a 10th century potion for eye infections