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Cat’s paw print found on Roman roof tile

A cat's paw print has been found on a 1st century A.D. Roman roof tile. After the wet clay had been moulded into shape, the tiles were spread out and left to dry before firing. It was while this tile was still wet that our prowling cat must have walked across it,

Ancient animal burials found in England

The remains of several people and animals have been found at the site of a church in Shropshire, England. Among the excavated burials are the skeletons of a calf and a pig that appear to have been carefully laid beside each other in a symmetrical shape. A Stone Age flint was

Canine and guinea pig remains found in Peru

The remains of ten dogs and two guinea pigs, and one person have been found on the grounds of the Parque de las Leyendas zoo in Lima, Peru. The discovery was made in the Huaca El Rosal –a small area made up of two trenches, 4 by 16 meters each- located

Butchered animal residues discovered on 250,000-year-old tools

Protein residue from butchered animals has been found on 250,000-year-old tools found in Jordan. While stone tools have been found before, the residue of the kinds of animals found on these ancient tools brought back surprising results, linking rhinoceros, horse, wild cattle and duck to these hominins. "The implication of all of

Canaanites imported animals from Egypt

New evidence has been found that suggests that 5,000 year ago ancient Canaanites imported and sacrificed animals from Egypt. A donkey, as well as some sheep and goats whose remains were found in Early Bronze Age layers at Gath dating to 4900 years ago turn out to have been born and

5,000-year-old animal pen found in Spain

A new study has shown that a rock shelter in the Sierra de Cantabria mountains was repeatedly used as an animal pen 5,000 years ago. The sedimentary and paleobotanical findings suggest the rock shelter was not in continual use but was likely used for brief periods of time as herders followed

Extinct bison remains found in Florida

The 13,000-year-old remains of an extinct species of bison have been found at the Old Vero Man site in Vero Beach, Florida. "It most certainly puts bison on the menu when we know people were here in Vero Beach at that time," said lead archaeologist Dr. Andrew Hemmings. "An 8-foot-tall bison

Mummified emains of Pleistocene puppy autopsied

The remains of a 12,400-year-old puppy found in the Siberian permafrost has undergone autopsy. The puppies died in a landslide, it is thought, and they were sealed in the permafrost leading to mummification. Archaeologist Alexander Kandyba, from the Institute of Archeology and Ethnography in Novosibirsk, obtained tools made of bone at