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Anne Frank died a month earlier than thought

Teenage diarist Anne Frank likely died of typhus in the Bergen-Belsen Nazi concentration camp one month earlier than previously thought. The new date of her death changes little about the tragic lives of Anne and her sister Margot, who went into hiding with their family in an Amsterdam canal house but

Fight brewing over Anne Frank’s tree

For two years the top of an old chestnut tree could be seen from the window in the attic where Anne Frank and her family were hiding. It was their only connection to nature during that trying time. Last year the tree fell during a storm, and now a fight

Virtual tour of Anne Frank’s house

To celebrate it's 50th anniversary, the Anne Frank Museum has created a virtual tour of the house as it was over 60 years ago. Click here to view the tour. The museum's 3-D tour is a great tool to keep the public interested in something that is rapidly fading

Virginia school won’t teach full version of Anne Frank’s Diary

A lot of people don't seem to realize that there are two versions of Anne Frank's diary. There is the standard edition, which most people are familiar with, and a more recent "Definitive Edition" which has significantly more content. Removed from the first edition were passages where Anne talks badly

Last member of group who protected Anne Frank dies

This is sad news. Miep Gies, the last surviving member of the group who hid Anne Frank and her family has died at the age of 100. The diary of Anne Frank is in my top ten books. She and other employees of Anne Frank's father Otto supplied food to the

The only known footage of diarist Anne Frank

According to the Daily Mail, the only known film footage of Anne Frank has been released for the first time to a worldwide audience. This is not entirely true. I watched this video a few years ago when it was included in a documentary about the tragic diarist. Nonetheless, it

What Anne Frank would look like at age 80

The Telegraph has posted a picture showing what Anne Frank would have looked like at age 80, had she not died of typhus and starvation in 1945 at age 15 in the Bergen Belsen concentration camp. The firm describes the technique as "part art, part science and a little intuition", and