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The History of Antarctica – A Story of Great Explorers

The History of Antarctica – A Story of Great Explorers

The History of Antarctica – A Story of Great ExplorersWho first saw Antarctic ice, and who first discovered Antarctica? Europeans are used to putting a person’s name to such things, such as “Christopher Columbus discovered America” (he didn’t, actually), but the discoverers of Antarctica could well be nameless individuals from the

100-year-old painting found in Antarctic hut

A 100-year-old watercolour painting of a dead bird linked to the Scott expedition has been found in a hut in Antarctica. The painting of a Tree Creeper was in a hut built by Norwegian explorers and later used by the Scott expedition. The image was found in a pile of papers covered

Shackleton expedition photographs developed

A stack of negatives recovered from Ernest Shackleton's infamous Antarctic expedition have been developed. The pictures come from explorer Ernest Shackleton's last Antarctic expedition, the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition. The goal of this expedition was to cross the entire continent, passing over the South Pole on the way. Instead, Shackleton and his

British explorer’s skis to be returned to Antarctic

A pair of wooden skis used by explorer Edward Atkinson is set to return to the Antarctic expedition base at Cape Evans, Ross Island. The wooden skis, etched with Atkinson’s initials (ELA), were retrieved from a pile of abandoned equipment at Scott’s Cape Evans hut in 1948 by U.S. Navy helicopter

Member of Shackleton’s crew snuck sips of whisky

Remember the story last week about the crate of hundred-year-old whiskey uncovered in the Antarctic ice at Ernest Shackleton's base camp? Apparently one of his crew was sneaking sips! The Mackinlay's whisky crate was frozen solid but the minus 30 degrees Celsius (-22F) temperature was not enough to freeze the liquid.The crate

100-year-old scotch pulled from Antarctic ice

A crate if century-old scotch has been recovered from Sir Ernest Shackleton's Antarctic hut. The crate was painstakingly opened to reveal 11 bottles of Mackinlay's Scotch whisky, wrapped in paper and straw to protect them from the rigors of a rough trip to Antarctica for Shackleton's 1907 Nimrod expedition.Though the

100-year-old pat of butter found at Scott’s Antarctic base

The world's oldest block of butter (as oppose to the world's oldest butter in general) has been discovered at Captain Robert Scott's Antarctic base. The frozen spread was found in a sack in a former pony stable nearly a century after the adventurer’s mission to the South Pole. Captain Scott and his

Origin of Antarctic ice revealed

Scientists have been able to pinpoint the location where the first Anarctic ice sheet formed, 14 million years ago, in the Gamburtsev mountains. Dr Sun's team then attached radar equipment to the tractor and drove around, meticulously surveying a 30km by 30km square of the glacial region. Their radar revealed a landscape