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Hotel construction unearths part of ancient city of Antioch

Hotel construction in Antakya, Turkey, has unearthed part of the ancient city of Antioch. Asfuro?lu, who built his family firm on steel and concrete production, as well as textiles, moved into construction. He secured building permits, got a franchise from Hilton Hotels, had plans drawn up, brought in his project manager,

1,700-year-old Greek curse tablet translated

A 1,700-year-old curse tablet written in ancient Greek has been translated. A fiery ancient curse inscribed on two sides of a thin lead tablet was meant to afflict, not a king or pharaoh, but a simple greengrocer selling fruits and vegetables some 1,700 years ago in the city of Antioch, researchers

Byzantine mansion and Roman villa unearthed in Turkey

Archaeologists working in the ancient Pisidian city of Antioch has unearthed a mansion from the Byzantine era and a Roman villa. Archaeologists underline that the wall paintings discovered in both structures were of high quality, only comparable to the quality of the paintings found in Rome and Pompeii. The excavation is

Four mosaics depicting ancient Athenian plays found in Antioch

Four mosaics dating back to the 3rd century A.D. have been found in Antioch, Turkey. They depict scenes from plays written by Menander, the Athenian comic poet. When Ömer Çelik, a staff archaeologist at the Hatay Archaeological Museum in Antakya, Turkey, discovered four mosaics during an expedition, he asked friend and