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Lost Vivaldi concerto played for the first time in 250 years

A lost concert by the 18th century composer Antonio Vivaldi has been played for the first time in public in more than 250 years. Il Gran Mogol is almost complete, only missing a part for the second violin. But Mr Woolley has reconstructed it using the manuscript of another flute concerto by

Previously unknown Vivaldi sonatas found in archive

Two previously known sonatas by Antonio Vivaldi have been found in a 270-year-old collection of manuscripts. The works, thought to have been written for amateur musicians, were found in a 180-page portfolio after it was donated to the Foundling Museum in London. One of the rediscovered compositions will be performed

Lost Vivaldi concerto found in Scotland

A lost Vivaldi flute concerto has been found in an Edinburgh archive. Il Gran Mogol, which belonged to a quartet of lost concertos, has been authenticated as the work of the 18th Century Italian composer. Southampton University research fellow Andrew Woolley found the piece among the Marquesses of Lothian's family