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Ancient city of Apamea vandalized and looted

Several sites in the ancient city of Apamea in Syria have been damaged by vandals. Several archeological sites in the ancient city of Apamea were vandalized and pillaged by groups taking advantage of the events in Syria to excavate secretly, dig randomly and steal artifacts in secret, damaging several finds including

Hellenistic-era burial chamber found in Syria

A burial chamber dating back to the Hellenistic period has been unearthed in Apamea, Syria. The burial chamber, which was discovered during maintenance work in the historic city of Apamea, contains 6 graves dug into the earth, one of which contains pottery fragments from a cone-shaped burial urn. [tweetmeme][Full story] Story: SANA |

Heated Byzantine water tank found in Syria

A heated water tank has been found, dating back to Byzantine times, has been found in the ancient city of Apamea in Syria. He clarified that excavation works included removing the surface layer in the western corridor which is made of lime and small stones in addition to different pieces of