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Statues of Artemis and Apollo found in Greece

A pair of statues depicting Artemis and Apollo, as well as their pedestals, have been found at the site of a villa in Aptera, Greece. The two statues, which are believed to be a pair, have a height of about half a meter, including their pedestals, and are believed to date

Lost Roman statue found in Castle cupboard

An archivist working in the basement of Sudeley Castle in England has found a Roman statues of a local God that has been missing for over 100 years. The engraved figure, found earlier this month, wears a conical cap, tunic and cloak and holds a bow and arrow. It has been identified

Mosaic of Apollo found in Roman tunnel

A mosaic-covered wall has been found in a tunnel built to support Trajan's Baths. Archaeologists and city officials unveiled the recent find to reporters Friday on the Oppian Hill. The mosaic-covered wall is 16 meters (53 feet) wide and at least 2 meters (6.6 feet) high. Officials think the wall continues down

Ancient wall found near Temple of Apollo

An ancient wall, which may belong to another temple dedicated to Artemis, has been found at the Apollo Temple in Turkey. Didyma’s Culture and Tourism Ministry representative Ferhan Büyükyörük said that during work this year the excavation team searched for the continuation of the wall and another structure around it.

Colossal statue of Apollo unearthed in Turkey

Parts of a giant statue of Apollo, the Greek god of the sun, light, music and poetry, has been unearthed in Turkey. Colossal statues were very popular in antiquity, as evidenced by the lost giant statues of the Colossus of Rhodes and the Colossus of Nero. Most of them vanished long