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Metro construction uncovered ancient Roman aqueduct

Metro construction in Rom has led to the discovery of a 100-foot-long section of 2,300-year-old aqueduct. It measures two metres tall, and is made up of equally-sized blocks arranged in five rows. As for location, it lies 17-18 metres below Rome's Piazza Celimontana, slightly to the south-east of the Colosseum in

Ancient aqueduct excavated in Jerusalem

A section of ancient Jerusalem's lower aqueduct has been excavated and preserved. The Israel Antiquities Authority conducted an archaeological excavation there following the discovery of the aqueduct. According to Ya’akov Billig, the excavation director, “The Lower Aqueduct to Jerusalem, which the Hasmonean kings constructed more than two thousand years ago in

Mapping Rome’s aqueducts

Archaeologists are employing the use of GPS, lasers and robots to map Rome’s ancient aqueducts. They abseil down access wells and clamber through crevices to access the 11 aqueducts that supplied Rome, which still run for hundreds of kilometres underground and along stunning viaducts. The mission of these "speleo-archaeologists" is to update