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Archaeologist who found Herod’s tomb dies on dig

Ehud Netzer, the archaeologist credited with discovering King Herod's tomb, has died after falling on a dig site. The Hebrew University professor died on Thursday from injuries sustained when a railing gave way at the Herodium archaeological site in the West Bank.Prof Netzer had worked at the Herodium site for

From factory manager to archaeologist

The Los Angeles Times has posted an interesting profile about Morris Sutton, a factory-manager from Tennessee who dropped everything to become an archaeologist. Sutton, 47, an archaeologist, was a Memphis, Tenn., factory manager who grew tired of the flat horizon of commerce and manufacturing and of laying off fellow employees.

Profile: Contract Archaeologists

The Telegraph has a profile on contract archaeologists, who are called in when construction crews stumble across artifacts. Just ask archaeologist Tim Holden and his colleagues who have excavated some rare treasures lying under new developments around the UK and Ireland. One of the most signi?cant was the grave of an