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The origins of Roman monumental architecture

Excavations near Rome are giving archaeologists a glimpse into the origins of Roman monumental architecture. Now, at excavations 11 miles east of Rome’s city center, archaeologists think they are catching a glimpse of Roman tastes in monumental architecture much earlier than previously thought, about 300 years before the Colosseum. They have

15th century scale model of Florence cathedral found

Archaeologists working near the Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral in Florence have found a small brick dome which they believe might be a scale model for the cathedral which was built by Filippo Brunelleschi between 1420 - 1436. “Although at the moment we cannot confirm the small dome was the demostration model

“Winged” Roman structure found in England

A puzzling "winged" Roman structure which may have been used as a temple has been found in Norfolk, England. "Generally speaking, [during] the Roman Empire people built within a fixed repertoire of architectural forms," said William Bowden, a professor at the University of Nottingham, who reported the find in the most

Teotihuacán architects based designs on 83cm unit of measurement

The architects responsible for designing the ancient city of Teotihuacán in Mexico based their designs off an 83cm measure. The researcher said that by making calculations based on the measurements of the pyramids at Teotihuacán, he was able to determine "the constant presence" of the 83-centimeter unit. Sugiyama, an associate research professor

Saving the Tower of Pisa from collapse

The Telegraph has posted an interesting article about the architectural challenges of saving the Leaning Tower of Pisa from collapsing. Burland was convinced he had such a solution – a process called soil extraction – and ultimately he won over the rest of the committee. Akin to microsurgery, it entailed

Modern masons recreate medieval castle

A group of masons are participating in an unusual architectual experiment in central France, creating an entire medieval castle in painstaking detail. [Thx Daniel] The Chateau de Guedelon was started in 1998, after local landowner Michel Guyot wondered whether it would be possible to build a castle from scratch, using

7 Medieval castles you can buy today

Have you got (a lot of) extra cash burning a hole in your pocket? Looking to invest in real estate? Why not buy a medieval castle? Castles for sale, cheap! Well, not too cheap, but compared to a penthouse apartment in New York or a Beverly Hills mansion, you could