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Evidence shows Abraham Lincoln tried to deport slaves

Newly discovered documents found in British archives show that Abraham Lincoln wanted to send many slaves to toil in British colonies in the Caribbean. Although earlier historians have conceded that he did propose sending some of the freed slaves to new colonies, they have dismissed it as a ruse designed to

Previously unknown Vivaldi sonatas found in archive

Two previously known sonatas by Antonio Vivaldi have been found in a 270-year-old collection of manuscripts. The works, thought to have been written for amateur musicians, were found in a 180-page portfolio after it was donated to the Foundling Museum in London. One of the rediscovered compositions will be performed

Relics from Richard II’s tomb found in National Portait Gallery

An archivist has discovered relics from King Richard II's tomb found in unopened boxes at the National Portrait Gallery in London, England. Fragments of wood, leather and fabric from the coffin of the medieval English king, who died in 1400, were found in a cigarette box, along with sketches

Lost Vivaldi concerto found in Scotland

A lost Vivaldi flute concerto has been found in an Edinburgh archive. Il Gran Mogol, which belonged to a quartet of lost concertos, has been authenticated as the work of the 18th Century Italian composer. Southampton University research fellow Andrew Woolley found the piece among the Marquesses of Lothian's family

Tutankhamun excavation archive put online

The entire archive of material relating to the King Tutankhamnun excavation by Howard Carter in 1922 has been put online. [Thx Ashley] of the real curses of Tutankhamun, from Dr Malek’s point of view, was the failure of Egyptologists to publish the discovery in its entirety. Dr Malek said:

Documents from Vatican’s secret archives published for first time

A series of documents, including a 13th-century letter from Genghis Khan's grandson demanding homage from the pope, have been release from the Vatican's secret archives. The Holy See’s archives contain scrolls, parchments and leather-bound volumes with correspondence dating back more than 1,000 years. High-quality reproductions of 105 documents, 19 of which have