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Preserved head found in Arctic cemetery

The remains of a woman whose heard was remarkably preserved has been found in the Arctic. This haunting 12th century woman is a member of an unknown hunting and fishing civilisation that held sway in the far north of Siberia - with surprising links to Persia. Accidentlally mummified and probably aged around

Evidence of dog domestication found in Siberia

New evidence reveals that dogs may have been bred and domesticated in the Siberian Arctic 9,000 years ago. he hunter-gatherers of Zhokhov Island were a hardy folk. Nine thousand years ago, they survived frigid year-round temperatures in animal-skin tents some 500 kilometers north of what is now the Russian mainland, and

Nazi arctic base rediscovered

The remains of a secret WWII-era German base has been rediscovered near the North Pole. "This summer in the Arctic was very warm, so the entire area of Schatzgrabber was completely free of snow and ice, which made it possible to explore the area fully," team leader Evgeny Ermolov, a senior

Evidence of human habitation in the arctic dates back 45,000 years.

Evidence that humans lived in the arctic 45,000 years ago has been found on the remains of a mammoth carcass unearthed in 2012. n August of 2012, an 11-year-old boy made a gruesome discovery in a frozen bluff overlooking the Arctic Ocean. While exploring the foggy coast of Yenisei Bay, about

Remains of lost whaling fleet revealed by diminished Arctic ice

The remains of whaling ships that became trapped by pack ice in 1871 have been found off the Arctic coast of Alaska. NOAA archaeologists have discovered the battered hulls of two 1800s whaling ships nearly 144 years after they and 31 others sank off the Arctic coast of Alaska in one

Evidence of Vikings found in Arctic Canada

A stone vessel found on Baffin Island in Canada is evidence of a Viking presence in the area around 1000 A.D. Dr Sutherland and her colleagues from the Geological Survey of Canada-Ottawa and Peter H. Thompson Geological Consulting Ltd have now discovered that the interior of the vessel contains fragments of

Franklin Expedition artifacts found in Canadian Arctic

A variety of artifacts connected to the doomed Franklin Expedition, including human remains, have been found my researchers working in the Canadian Arctic. Attraction to this area seemed to come after the Franklin crew were dead but what they left behind was of interest and use to Inuit who occupied the

Remains of Franklin Expedition crew member found in Arctic

Archaeologists believe they have found human remains belonging to a crew member of the doomed Franklin Expedition in Canada's Arctic during a hunt for the expeditions ships. "Work is going well ... (but) we haven't found the ships yet," Marc-Andre Bernier said in a telephone interview after leaving the Canadian Coast