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3,000-year-old copper mask discovered in Argentina

A copper mask dating back 3,000 years has been found in an ancient cemetery in Argentina. An ancient, rectangular copper mask recently found in the southern Andes in Argentina is about 3,000 years old — one of the oldest human-made metal object from South America — and its discovery challenges the

14,000-year-old hunting camp found in Argentina

A prehistoric campsite discovered in Argentina is evidence that humans first began visiting the area 14,000 years ago. Writing in PLoS One, the researchers describe a number of reasons why a bunch of sharp-edged rocks and broken animal bones point to a 14,000-year-old human occupation of Argentina. First of all, there

New dog-sized dinosaur discovered

The fossilized remains of a 230-million-year-old Eodromaeus has been found in Argentina. "This is the most complete picture we have of what a predatory dinosaur lineage – what it looked like at the very beginning," said study co-author Paul Sereno. "It was small but nasty—this animal was fast." One of the earliest

World’s oldest plant fossils found in Argentina

Fossils of the world's earliest plants, dating back nearly 500-million-years, have been found in Argentina. The discovery puts back by 10 million years the colonisation of land by plants, and suggests that a diversity of land plants had evolved by 472 million years ago. The newly found plants are

1,300-year-old pots found in Argentinian backyard

Two brothers digging in their backyard to lay the foundations for an expansion to their home stumbled across eight 1,300-year-old pots. "The first bit came when we had dug about 40 centimeters. Then we found a pot to the side and then a third. When we began dig deeper, came

Argentinian diplomat to Iran caught smuggling

An Argentinian diplomat in Tehran was caught trying to ship six tonnes of Persian treasures out of the country. During seven years as Argentina's man in Tehran, Sebastian Zavalla would have had ample opportunity to collect a souvenir or two as mementoes to his fondness of Persian culture. But when Iranian