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2,500-year-old footprints found in Arizona

2,500-year-old footprints belonging to ancient farmers, children and dogs have been uncovered by construction near Tucson, Arizona. In particular, the tracks show adult farmers treading heavily across the fields while children scampered around them and a dog followed its owners faithfully. In another spot, a parent can be seen to have stooped

Jordan Cave in Arizona vandalized

Vandals have damaged the 800-year-old Native American dwellings in Jordan Cave in Arizona. The cave is estimated to be about 800 years old and was once a dwelling for Native Americans, who still consider the site a scared place. The area is not open to the public, but was disturbed when

1,300-year-old villages found in Arizona

Two villages dating back 1,300 years have been found in northern Arizona. “Last year we found a large habitation site, and this summer we found a match, less than a mile away, a site that has dozens and dozens of different features,” Reitze said. “We have now two large groups of pithouse

Settler’s cabin revealed by Arizona’s Slide fire

A settler's cabin, estimated to be at least 100 years old, has been found on land cleared by the 21,000-acre Sldie fire near Barney Spring, Arizona. A couple of short stacks of logs that appeared to be intersecting at a right angle caught the eye of a firefighter battling the Slide

Arizona construction reveals ancient village

Traces of an ancient village, dating back 4,000 years, have been found at a construction site in southern Arizona. Experts agree discovery is significant archaeologically — the settlement is likely from the Early Agricultural Period, which predates even the Hohokam culture that was in Southern and Central Arizona from 500 to

Arizona construction unearths Hohokam canal

An ancient canal built by the Hohokam people 1,500 years ago to irrigate their crops has been unearthed during Sky Train construction in Arizona. The network of canals belonged to the Hohokam people who settled in the area around A.D. 400 to 500. Knowledge of their existence is nothing new —

Arizona border patrol agents discover artifacts

Border patrol agents in Tucson, Arizona have found two sets of ancient artifacts in the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument. In late February, Ajo Station agents patrolling on foot came across what they believed to be an ancient bowl hidden in a shady outcropping of rock, the Border Patrol said. Officials from

Arizona wildfires threaten sites

Wildfires in Arizona are threatening to consume archaeological sites in the affected areas. As the fire moves east toward New Mexico it enters the historically rich Gila and Apache-Sitgreaves national forests, where scientists estimate there are several thousand archeological sites. "That may be a low figure," said Jim Bradford, regional supervisory archeologist