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Reindeer antler Armour found in Siberian

Plates of Armour made from reindeer antlers have been found at an archaeological site in northwestern Siberia. Ceremonial suit was embellished with decorations and left as a sacrifice for the gods by ancient bear cult polar people, say archeologists. The discovery is the oldest evidence of armour found in the north of

Suit of 3,900-year-old bone armour unearthed in Russia

A suit of armour made out of bone has been unearthed in Omsk, Russia. Archeologists are intrigued by the discovery of the complete set of well-preserved bone armour which is seen as having belonged to an 'elite' warrior. The armour was in 'perfect condition' - and in its era was 'more

Traces of iron helmet found beneath skull in Japan

Last year the body of a man wearing armour was found in Maebashi, Japan. Now researchers who have been investigating the site have announced they have also found trances of an iron helmet beneath the deceased man’s facial bones. “It is highly possible that this is a helmet that was actually

Armour-clad remains found in Japan

The skeleton of a man who died in the early 6th century A.D. has been found in a layer of volcanic ash in Japan at the Kanai Higashiura ruins. The Kanai Higashiura ruins are around nine kilometers northeast of Futatsudake. The skeleton, intact save the back of the skull and the

Carlisle Castle excavation complete

A decade long excavation at Carlisle Castle has turned up 80,000 roman artifacts, including a rare piece of articulated armour and a nit comb with a louse still in it. Experts say the city is now ranked as one of the most important settlements in the north of England. Senior

Alexander the Great’s men wore body armour made of linen

Alexander the Great's men wore linothorax, a type of body armour made by laminated layers of linin. A Kevlar-like armor might have helped Alexander the Great (356–323 B.C.) conquer nearly the entirety of the known world in little more than two decades, according to new reconstructive archaeology research. Presented at the annual

Korean Silla dynasty armour found

Until this recent discovery in Korea, the armour of Silla Dynasty cavalrymen was only seen in tomb paintings. The warrior’s body and bones are long gone, decayed into the soil. But the armor that once protected him from enemy swords and arrows has survived the passage of time and has been