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Ancient Chinese arrowhead unearthed in Japan

A bronze arrowhead which dates back between 457 and 221 B.C. has been found in Japan. However, the style of arrowhead indicates that it was originally made in China. The arrowhead, 1.4 inches long by a half inch wide, was found together with pottery fragments and pieces of stoneware dated to

Prehistoric arrowhead found in school garden

An ancient stone arrowhead has been found in the garden of a ruined schoolhouse in Scotland. Glasgow University Archaeological Research Division (Guard) said it may have been dropped by a hunter. It added that it may have arrived from elsewhere and then been lost by a local collector or a teacher at

4,500-year-old Neolithic habitation site found in Ireland

What could be the oldest habitation site found in the Burren has been discovered at Caherconnell, Ireland. Director of the dig, Graham Hull said yesterday that the team of archaeologists “were whooping and jumping up and down at the discovery of a stone arrowhead”. He said: "We didn’t even have to carbon

Clovis point sheds light on ancient people

A rare clovis point found in the Tucson basin is shedding new light on the earliest North American human settlers. These Clovis people, as they’re now called, are the predecessors of the ancestors of Native Americans. They hunted and gathered all over the continent and in the Southwest, they primarily inhabited

4-year-old finds prehistoric arrow point

A prehistoric arrowhead found by a 4-year-old in Denali, Alaska lends credence to the theory that hunters used the area it was found for thousands of years. Archaeologists believe the 12-inch piece is a barbed arrow point made of caribou antler. It is significantly worn, but it still has characteristics that

Ancient footprints tell tale of war

Newly discovered footprints of men, women and children, on an ancient military route in China, tell the tale of a battle scene that occurred 2,000 years ago. "We also found an arrowhead close to the footprints," he said. "Judging from its location, we assumed whoever left the footprints had been its