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Traces of human blood found on Maya arrowheads

Human (and animal) blood has been found on arrowheads collected from five Maya sites in Guatemala. This life force ceremony was one of many discoveries made in a study published recently by Meissner and Rice in the Journal of Archaeological Science. For the study, they examined 108 arrowheads from five sites

Arrowhead found lodged in Iron Age warrior’s spine

An arrowhead has been found embedded in the spine of an Iron Age warrior. The arrow was not the cause of death as the warrior lived long enough for the bone to heal around the metal point. "This found individual was extremely lucky to survive," said study researcher Svetlana Svyatko, a

Stone arrowheads found in Quebec

Archaeologists working in northern Quebec have found stone arrowheads which date back 4,000-7000 years. When archaeological crews were digging near the Smokey Hill rapids last summer, they expected to find relics and pottery dating back about 150 years. So it came as a surprise when one discovery was linked to pre-European times. The

2,500-year-old battle wound X-rayed

A musculoskeletal and body imaging radiologist has X-rayed a 2,500-year-old arrow-pierced arm bone that belonged to a Greek soldier. There was a barbed component to the arrowhead that could not be seen with the naked eye. The full extent of the remaining arrowhead could now be seen and was seated superficially

Ancient remains and arrowheads found at construction site in Texas

Humans remains as well as various projectile points have been uncovered at a construction site in Alice, Texas. The bones were found April 3 by archeologists who were doing a survey of the location. They have since been removed from the location and are being protected by an archeologist. The archeologist

Railway construction in Israel unearths ancient settlements

Archaeological surveys performed ahead of the construction of a new railway line in Israel have uncovered two settlements complete with arrowheads, stone axes, and broad bean seeds. According to Dr. Yitzhak Paz and Dr. Ya?akov Vardi, excavation directors on behalf of the Israel Antiquities Authority, “For the first time in the

Thousands of First Nations artifacts found in British Columbia

Archaeologists working in Vernon, B.C. have uncovered thousands of First Nations artifacts, some of which date back more than 6,000 years. "One of the cool things we found … was what we think are the remains of a fishing net," archaeologist Clinton Coates told CBC News. "We found these 30 flat, notched

The oldest weapons in the world

Archaeologists working in a coal mine in Germany have uncovered eight spear heads which date back 300,000 years, making them the oldest known weapons in the world. Archeologists from the University of Tübingen have found eight extremely well-preserved spears – an astonishing 300,000 years old, making them the oldest known weapons