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Birch bark quiver found in Siberia

A birch bark quiver has been found in a cliff in Siberia along with arrow shafts, arrow heads and a wooden coffin. Two local residents accidentally stumbled across the burial site, close to the village of Kokorya, which contains the bones of an adult man, his birch bark quiver, arrow shafts

Ancient Eastern Africans hunted with poison-tipped arrows

A study of 13,000-year-old bone artifacts found in Tanzania have revealed that the hunters of the area were using poison-tipped arrows. Their findings, published in the journal Azania: Archaeological Research in Africa, showed that the bone projectile points are likely to have been used for poison arrows, partly due to the

Melting snow in Norway reveals Neolithic weapons

Melting snow in the mountains of Norway have revealed a bow and arrows that were probably used to hunt reindeer 4,000-5,000 years ago. The discovery highlights the worrying effects of climate change, said study author Martin Callanan, an archaeologist at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. "It's actually a little bit

How the bow and arrow changed the world

The Columbus Dispatch has posted an interesting article about how the bow and arrow changed the world by triggering the growth of social complexity wherever it was brought into use. According to this idea, the introduction of a more-effective weapon system gave social groups a safer, more-reliable way to coerce uncooperative

Bow and arrow origins traced to Africa

Arrowheads dating back 64,000 years have been found in South Africa, pushing back the age and origins of the bow and arrow. "The invention of the bow and arrow used to be closely linked to the late Upper Paleolithic (Stone Age) in Europe," less than 30,000 years ago, says anthropologist Marlize

8,500-year-old skeleton found with arrow tip embedded in spine

The body of a man who was killed 8,500 years ago has been found in Turkey with an arrow tip embedded in his spine. "This tomb of a man in his 30s from the early Chalcolithic period did not seem unusual at first glance. He was buried in accordance with

The world’s oldest arrowheads

Researchers in South Africa have found 64,000-year-old stone points which may be the world's oldest arrow heads. Closer inspection of the ancient weapons revealed remnants of blood and bone that provided clues about how they were used. The team reports its findings in the journal Antiquity. The arrow heads

How did King Harold die at the Battle of Hastings?

How did King Harold die at the Battle of Hastings? Was it, as tradition holds, by an arrow through the eye? Or could have been some other way? The traditional view is that Harold was killed by an arrow that struck his face or eye. The scene is part of the