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Chilean mummies show signs of arsenic poisoning

New analysis carried out on Chilean mummies has found high concentrations of arsenic. Previous analyses showed high concentrations of arsenic in the hair samples of mummies from both highland and coastal cultures in the region. However, researchers weren't able to determine whether the people had ingested arsenic or if the toxic

Andean mummies suffered from arsenic poisoning

Analysis of the hair taken from 45 Andean mummies shows the people suffered from arsenic poisoning. In the current Journal of Archaeological Science, a team led by Bernardo Arriaza of Chile's Universidad de Tarapaca analyzed hair from 45 Andean mummies taken from ten sites some 7,000 to 600 years old.

South American mummies were victims of arsenic poisoning

New research suggests that a lot of the ancient mummies from the South American Chinchorro culture were victims of arsenic poisoning. “I was reading a Chilean newspaper that talked about pollution and it had a map of arsenic and lead pollution, and it said arsenic caused abortions. I jumped in my