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Cache of Bronze Age artifacts found in Swiss Alps

A cache of Bronze Age artifacts has been found in the Swiss Alps. Among the total haul is a wooden box containing flour, fragments of bows, flint arrowheads, string made from animal fibre, a container made of cow horn and small pieces of leather. The equipment has been carbon dated to around

23,000-year-old artifacts found in Brazil

23,000-year-old artifacts have been found in the Santa Elina rock-shelter in Brazil. Evidence of people’s presence at Santa Elina rock shelter, located in a forested part of central-west Brazil, so long ago raises questions about how people first entered South America. Early settlers may have floated down the Pacific Coast in

Ritual Canaanite artifacts found in Israel

Canaanite artifacts have been found at the ancient city of Libnah, in Israel. The discovery of masks and more cultic vessels has bolstered confidence that ritual activity was taking place 3,200 years ago at Libnah, a Canaanite city that would become Judahite in the biblical era. Previously the archaeologists had been uncertain

Greco-Roman artifacts found in Alexandria

A collection of artifacts dating to Hellenistic and Byzantine eras have been found in Alexandria, Egypt. Excavators from Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities have discovered a collection of Graeco-Roman artefacts during excavation work carried out in Alexandria’s Babour El-Maya area. Mahmoud Afifi, head of the Ancient Egyptian Department at the Ministry of Antiquities,

Ice Age artifacts found in Indonesia

Jewelry and art dating back between 26,000-22,000 years has been found in Indonesia. The artifacts, which include pendants and beads made from the bones of "pig-deer" and monkey-like marsupials, date back at least 22,000 years, researchers report in a new study. Archaeologists discovered the artifacts in Wallacea, a 1,000-mile-wide (1,600 kilometers) zone

17th-century artifacts found under mansion floor

Conservationists have recovered artifacts dating back to the 17th century in Petworth House in England. The Marble Hall was built by the 6th Duke of Somerset in the 1690s as the impressive formal entrance for his new mansion. Apart from minor work in the 1920s to lay power under part of

Thousands of Native American artifacts revealed after wildfire

A wildfire in the Rocky Mountains in Wyoming has revealed thousands of Native American artifacts. A wildfire high in the alpine forests of northwestern Wyoming has revealed a vast, centuries-old Shoshone campsite, replete with cooking hearths, ceramics, and stone tools and flakes numbering in the hundreds of thousands. The site, found along