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Caravaggio’s madness caused by lead poisoning

Italian researchers are claiming that famed artist Caravaggio's mad exploits were the result of lead poisoning from the paints he used. A team of anthropologists hope to prove their theory by carrying out DNA tests on bones which they believe are the remains of the Renaissance artist. Caravaggio was

Another reason why Vincent van Gogh cut off his ear

According to one scholar, Vincent van Gogh may have cut off his ear after learning that his brother, Theo, was about to get married. Martin Bailey, who has written a book on van Gogh and curated two exhibitions of his work, devised his theory after meticulous detective work on a letter

Caravaggio’s remains retrieved by scientists

The remains of Caravaggio, the Renaissance artist, have been retrieved by scientists hoping to learn more about his death. The cause of Caravaggio's death has been something of a mystery - various theories have been advanced over the years. Among the most common are that he was assassinated for religious reasons, and

$20,000 portrait revealed to be $160,000,000 da Vinci

Experts believe a painting can be attributed to the master Leonardo da Vinci after discovering his fingerprint on the portrait. A Paris laboratory has found that a fingerprint on the picture is 'highly comparable' to one on a da Vinci work in the Vatican, which was painted early in the artist's

Television documentary claims Turin Shroud was faked by da Vinci

A new television documentary is claiming that Leonardo da Vinci faked the Turin Shroud using pioneering photographic techniques and a sculpture of his own head. The claims is made in a Channel Five documentary, to be shown on Wednesday night, that describes how da Vinci could have scorched his facial features