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Monet stayed in room next to Monet Suite at the Savoy

A study has showed that Claude Monet painted from a room next to room billed as the Monet Suite at the Savoy. For £720 per person, art lovers could stay in the room from which the artist famously spent six months painting his landscapes of the River Thames in London.

Artisans tapped to help solve mystery of ancient carvings

Artisans are helping a research project determine whether the eye sockets of some ancient carvings were filled with glass. Fearn sculptor Barry Grove and Tain glass artist Brodie Nairn are working with the National Museum of Scotland and Aberlady Heritage in a project to see if empty eye sockets

How paintings like the “Mona Lisa” get their names

Who gives paintings like the Mona Lisa the name "Mona Lisa"? Art historians. Until the middle of the 17th century, it was extremely uncommon for an artist to give his work a formal title. Most pieces were commissioned portraits or religious iconography, and there was no need for explanation. The only

Artisan’s footprints found under 1,700-year-old mosaic

The footprints of the artisans who built a mosaic floor in Lod, Israel have been discovered underneath the work. As the conservation experts worked on the plaster bedding to be done before detaching the mosaic, they were surprised to notice there were ancient foot and sandal prints beneath it. Clearly, the