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Grains point to evidence of early trade route

Grains found at campsites in central Asia suggest an ancient trade route between East and West Asia that existed 5,000 years ago. “Ancient wheat and broomcorn millet, recovered in nomadic campsites in Kazakhstan, show that prehistoric herders in Central Eurasia had incorporated both regional crops into their economy and rituals nearly

Over 1,000 stone tools found in Borneo

Over 1,000 stone tools dating back 235,000 years have been found in Borneo, pushing the date of human settlement in the area back by nearly 30,000 years. The professor said the new evidence showed that humans from the South-East Asian mainland came to Borneo when the Sunda Plain still existed. (Also known

Asian archaeological sites at risk from increased tourism

A surge in tourism is putting ancient archaeological sites such as Angkor Wat and the Great Wall of China at serious risk of being damaged. The faded "No Climbing" signs are no match for the tourists jostling to capture that perfect shot of the sun setting over the temple of Angkor

Insects trapped in amber raise questions about India’s origins

A veritable trove of insects found preserved in amber for millions of years is raising questions about how long India was isolated before it merged with the Asian continent. The insects – bees, termites, spiders, and flies – had been entombed in the vast Cambay deposit in western India for

Primates came from Asia, not Africa

Fossils of four ancient lemur-like creatures have been found in Libya, suggesting primates arose in Asia, not Africa. The conventional narrative of primate development places the origins of anthropoids — monkeys and apes, including humans — in Africa. Some paleontologists, however, think Asia is the more likely cradle for that

Early American skulls show the New World was settled twice

A study of the skulls of the earliest Americans, show that two distinct groups from Asia settled in the New World, not one single migration as was previously suspected. Paleoanthropologists from Brazil, Chile and Germany compared the skulls of several dozen Paleoamericans, dating back to the early days of migration

Dinosaurs island-hopped from Asia to Europe

Horned dinosaurs which were previously considered to be native only to Asia and North America may have "island-hopped" to Europe as well. It's particularly important if we want to understand what dinosaurs in Europe were like at that time. It shows that horned dinosaurs were definitely present here," said the

Dogs domesticated in Africa, not East Asia

A new genetic study suggests that dogs were domesticated in Afria, not East Asia as was previously thought. The huge genetic diversity of dogs found in East Asia had led many scientists to conclude that domestication began there. But new research published in the journal PNAS shows the DNA of dogs