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17th-century camel skeleton found in Austria

The complete skeleton of a camel from the Second Ottoman War has been found in Austria. In addition to horses, the Ottoman army also used camels for transportation and as riding animals. In cases of scarcity, the soldiers also ate the animal’s flesh. But the skeleton found in Tullnwas complete. “This

43,500-year-old stone tools found at Willendorf

Stone tools found at Willendorf in Austria are the oldest-known artifacts made by modern humans in Europe. The stone tools, excavated between 2006 and 2011, include small ‘bladelets’, which were originally part of composite tools and may have been used as projectile points. Using stratigraphy and radiocarbon dating, the researchers demonstrated

Neolithic earthworks found in Austria

Aerial photos taken in Austria have led to the discovery of circular trenches that date back to the Neolithic Period. It appears that circa 5,000 BC there was a large circular area in a field on the southern outskirts of Rechnitz, surrounded by wooden poles. It was only after aerial photographs

Roman military encampment found in Austria

Utilizing ground-penetrating radar and aerial photos, researchers working in Austria have found what is thought to be the earliest Roan military encampment in the area. The discovery of the extensive military camp, that is believed to be the size of six football pitches, was done using a high tech radar machine

Archaeologists map gladiatorial school

A team of archaeologists have used noninvasive technologies to map a gladiatorial school in Austria that dates back to the 2nd century. "It was a prison; they were prisoners," says Wolfgang Neubauer, an archaeologist at Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Archaeological Prospection and Virtual Archaeology who led the study team. "They lived

Homo erectus handprint found in Austria

A 500,000-year-old ochre Homo erectus handprint has been found in Austria on a hammerstone. The hammerstone user was right-handed and the resulting curved trace of colour on the stone was caused by trituration (the process for reducing particle size of a substance by grinding) of ochre with liquid, showing Homo erectus

Roman-era child’s grave unearthed in Austria

The grave of a child has been found during construction work in Austria. Archeologists say that the tiny grave surrounded by heavy stones had been undisturbed until it was found by the road workers, and that it dated back to the first century after Christ. They said the grave still had pottery

Medieval bras found in Austrian castle

Four bras dating back 600 years have been found at Lengberg Castle in Austria. Though the first brassieres went into mass production roughly a century ago, thereby ushering in the rapid decline of the corset, no one can say for sure when bras were really invented. But archaeologists from the University