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Winston Churchill’s Daimler up for auction

A Daimler DB18 Drophead Coupé which belonged to Sir Winston Churchill is set to hit the auction block. Built in 1939 and featuring coachwork by Carlton Carriage Co., the Daimler was used by the British Prime Minister during his election campaigns in 1944 and 1949. One of eight of the

Up for auction: one of Hitler’s favourite race cars

The Auto Union D-type racer is one of the rarest vintage cars in the world, and one of Hitler's favourites. Now you can own it...for nearly $9 million. When the Red Army overran Berlin at the end of the war, all Silver Arrows cars were immediately shipped back to the NAMI

The Secret Telegraphic Codes of Henry Ford

An archivist at the Henry Ford Musuem was looking through the vast collection of office papers when she came across what she thought was a secret code. It turned out to be a commercial telegraphic code. “My” code was created by or for Ernest Liebold, who, as Henry Ford’s longtime personal