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Avenue of Sphinxes restored

Five years after the project began, the Avenue of Sphinxes has been restored. The 2,700 metre long avenue of sphinxes was built during the reign of Pharaoh Nectanebo I of the 30th dynasty. It replaced one built in the 18th dynasty, by Queen Hatshepsut (1502-1482 BC), as recorded on the walls

Avenue of Sphinxes uproots families

The project to recreate the "Avenue of the Sphinxes", which once connected the temples of Luxor and Karnak in the ancient city of Thebes, is causing controversy as families are being uprooted to make way for the 2.7km tourist attraction. "I will not be forced out of my home

Avenue of Sphinxes undergoing excavation

The Avenure of Sphinxes in Luxor, Egypt, it undergoing excavation and restoration in order to turn it into part of an open-air museum. Built by the 30th Dynasty king Nectanebo I (380-362 BC), the avenue is 2,700 meters long and 76 meters wide, and lined with a number of statues in