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Roman-era baby bottle found in Turkey

A 2,000-year-old pot used to feed babies has been found in the ancient port city of Parion in Turkey. "These bottles were used during ancient Roman times 2,000 years ago as equipment to feed babies milk or food. These are earthenware produced as a result of firing," Kasao?lu said, adding that

Mummified remains of miscarried baby found in miniature sarcophagus

Egyptologists have CT-scanned a miniature cedar sarcophagus discovered in Giza in 1907. The care with which the foetus was mummified and interred in the miniature coffin - with its arms crossed protectively over its chest - betrays the devastation felt by its parents, who took great pains to ensure its journey

2,400-year-old baby bottle found in Italy

A terracotta pig, believed to be a baby bottle, has been found in a rock-cut tomb in Italy’s Puglia region. Known as guttus, the unique vessel dates back about 2,400 years, when the “heel” of Italy was inhabited by the Messapian people, a tribal group who migrated from Illyria (a region

Baby Neanderthal breastfed for seven months

Analysis of the elements found in a Neanderthal baby's tooth has revealed that the infant was breastfed for seven months. The precision of this estimate is courtesy a new technique that uses elements in teeth to determine when breast-feeding started and stopped. Though researchers can't be sure the young Neanderthal's pattern

Infant bones found on ancient workshop floor

Archaeologists working at Poggio Civitate, an ancient settlement near Tuscany, Italy, have found the bones of babies scattered on the floor of a workshop that dates back to the 7th century B.C. The bones "were either simply left on the floor of the workshop or ended up in an area with

Cathaginian baby graveyard not for victims of child sacrifice

A new study of an ancient Cathaginian burial site suggests that the remains of thousands of babies there is not because of sacrificed children as it appears many of the remains may belong to still-born babies and fetuses. Based on historical accounts, scientists believed Carthaginians sacrificed children at the Tophet before

44 sacrificed babies found in Peru

The remains of 44 pre-Inca sacrificed babies have been found at a site in Peru. All the bodies had a volcanic stone placed on their chest, and were surrounded by a variety of offerings, including animals, food, dishes and pitchers, archaeologist Eduardo Arisaca said. Researchers at the site say ceramics with paintings

Doubt cast on dead Roman brothel babies

Last year I posted a story about how Romans killed unwanted babies born at a brothel, burying them on the grounds. Now, doubt has been cast onto whether it really was a brothel. "My main concern with the brothel theory is that it's just too far away from any major population