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Hanging Gardens of Babylon actually in Nineveh?

New research suggests that the famous Hanging Gardens of Babylon may actually have been built in Niniveh, 300 miles from Babylon. The evidence presented by Dalley, an expert in ancient Middle Eastern languages, emerged from deciphering Babylonian and Assyrian cuneiform scripts and reinterpreting later Greek and Roman texts. They included a

Saving the ruins of Babylon

The New York Times has posted an interesting article about the rush to save the ruins of ancient Babylon in Iraq. On the hillside during one of his many visits to the ruins, Jeff Allen, a conservationist working with the World Monuments Fund, said: “All this is unexcavated. There is great

The struggle to preserve or profit from ancient Babylon

Iraqi officials are arguing over whether priority should be given to preserving ancient Babylon or making money off of it. Local officials want swift work done to restore the crumbling ruins and start building restaurants and gift shops to draw in tourists, while antiquities officials in Baghdad favor a more

Water damage threatens ancient Babylon

Water damage from nearby irrigation systems and the Euphrates river is threatening what's left of ancient Babylon. The most immediate threat to preserving the ruins of Babylon, the site of one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, is water soaking the ground and undermining what is left in

Babylon ruins means tourist dollars for Iraqis

Bloomberg has an interesting article on how archaeological sites are translating into tourist dollars for Iraq. Ancient Babylon, dating back to 2,300 B.C., lies about 50 miles south of Baghdad, near the town of Al-Hillah. It was one of many civilizations of Mesopotamia, which is Greek for “between the rivers,” the

Babylonian seal found in Egypt

Archaeologists have found a Babylonian seal in Egypt, confirming contact between the Babylonians and the Hyksos during the second millennium B.C. Irene Forstner-Müller, the head of the Austrian Archaeological Institute’s (ÖAI) branch office in Cairo, said today (Thurs) the find had occurred at the site of the ancient town of Avaris

The damage done to Babylon

U.S. troops have done considerable damage to Babylon in Iraq, prompting action to make sure it does not happen again. U.S. troops and contractors inflicted considerable damage on the historic Iraqi site of Babylon, driving heavy machinery over sacred paths, bulldozing hilltops and digging trenches through one of the world's most

Babylon Ruins Reopen in Iraq, to Controversy

The ancient city of Babylon has has a rough time in recent years, taking significant damage under the hands of various armies and Saddam Hussein. In the 1980s Mr. Hussein ordered the reconstruction of Nebuchadnezzar’s palace and other buildings, using cheap bricks on foundations built 2,600 years ago. Many were stamped