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Audio recordings of ancient Babylonian poems

I thought this was particularly cool. Researchers at Cambridge University have unlocked the key to pronouncing ancient Babylonian and have recorded readings of poems that haven't been heard in 2,000 years. To listen to the recordings, click here. Researchers studied letter combinations and spelling patterns as well as transcriptions

British Museum delays sending Cyrus Cylinder to Iran

The British Museum has delayed sending the Cyrus Cylinder back to Iran after discovering two cuneiform inscriptions elsewhere in the museum's collection that may shed light on the cylinder's missing passages. After that, “it is intended that the two new pieces should be exhibited for the first time in Tehran, together with

Babylonian tablet describes Noah’s ark as being circular

According to a newly translated ancient Babylonian clay tablet, Noah's Ark was circular. There are dozens of ancient tablets that have been found which describe the flood story but Finkel says this one is the first to describe the vessel's shape. "In all the images ever made people assumed the ark was,

Babylonian seal found in Egypt

Archaeologists have found a Babylonian seal in Egypt, confirming contact between the Babylonians and the Hyksos during the second millennium B.C. Irene Forstner-Müller, the head of the Austrian Archaeological Institute’s (ÖAI) branch office in Cairo, said today (Thurs) the find had occurred at the site of the ancient town of Avaris