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Fremont culture remains found in Utah backyard

Human remains, dating back to between 700-1300 A.D., that may belong to the Fremont Culture have been found in a Utah backyard. Along the way he's moved a lot of dirt and found all kinds of strange things including animal bones in the deepest part of the hole, but when he

Prehistoric child’s remains found in backyard

Two men in Chico, California have found the remains of a prehistoric Native American child between the ages of 2-4. The sex of the child has not been identified. The cause of death is unknown, but police said the remains showed no signs of trauma. Based on the discovery of stone artifacts

Bronze Age remains found in backyard

A man building a shed in his backyard in Ireland stumbled across the remains of a Bronze Age skeleton. This find fits the Bronze Age burial tradition of often isolated burials. Three distinct areas of decoration had been identified on the bowl, he added. According to Mr Clancy, the remains, which were

Mastodon remains found in Tennessee backyard

The remains of what may be a mastodon have been unearthed in the backyard of a Tennessee home. Since last week, a team of archaeologists and Middle Tennessee State University students has hewn a trench about 10 feet deep into the cool clay of a suburban Williamson County backyard, bringing