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Badger unearths 4,200-year-old remains in Ireland

A badger in Ireland has unearthed ancient human remains dating back 4,200 years. The bones were found near one of the many ancient burial sites located at the Cavan Burren Park by historian Séamus Ó hUltacháin, as well as archaeologists Sam Moore from IT Sligo, Vicki Cummings of the University of

Badger uncovered 4,000-year-old burial near Stonehenge

The Bronze Age burial of an archer has been discovered after a badger dug up a cremation urn. Objects found in a burial mound at Netheravon, Wiltshire, include a bronze saw, an archer's wrist guard, a copper chisel and cremated human remains. Experts believe the burial may have been that of an

Badger unearths warrior graveyard

A badger digging in northern Germany has lead to the discovery of a medieval graveyard for Slavish warriors. The Berliner Zeitung newspaper said Wilhelm called the experts as soon as he realized the animals had dug up bones. Archaeologists moved in and expanded the work of the badgers, freeing up eight