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Prehistoric reed basket found on Scottish island

An ancient woven reed basket has been exposed during recent storms on the Scottish Island of North Uist. The basket, about half a metre in length, contains a handful of worked quartz stones, and a handful of diverse animal bones. Local archaeologist Kate MacDonald of Uist Archaeology spoke of her excitement at

Were giant wicker baskets used to build Stongehenge?

Add another theory to the growing list of how Stonehenge was built: giant wicker baskets. Sounds a bit far-fetched to me, though! Engineer Garry Lavin, who also happens to be a former BBC presenter, is making the case that giant wicker baskets were deployed by the locals to roll

Pre-Columbian burial ground discoverde in Costa Rica

An 800-year-old pre-Columbian burial ground, complete with baskets full of human remains, has been unearthed outside of San Jose, Costa Rica. "It's a funeral complex made from river stones and slabs," Maritza Gutierrez, who heads the digs at the Tres Rios district 10 kilometers (six miles) from the capital, told