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2,000-year-old coin found in Roman coin hoard

In 2007 20,000 silver coins, dubbed the Beau Street Hoard, were found in a stone-lined box in Bath, England. The coins are now being individually cleaned and studied and so far a coin from 32 B.C. has been identified as the oldest of the bunch. Mr Clews said the previous oldest

Ritual bath found in Jerusalem

A ritual bath, used by Jewish pilgrims coming to the Temple Mount, has been found in Jerusalem. The bath is located next to the Temple Mount, the compound in Jerusalem's Old City where two Biblical Temples stood. The second was destroyed by Roman legions in 70 A.D. The Israel Antiquities Authority says

Ancient bath found in Indonesia

The ruins of an ancient bath dating back to the 8th century have been found near the Ngempon Temple in Central Java. The ruins are located on a riverbank, 200 meters away from the Hindu temple. Ngempon stands on the other side of the river, close to hot and cold springs. Wahyu,