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Roman bathhouse found in southeast England

The remains of a private Roman bathhouse have been found in Chichester's Priory Park in England. James Kenny, an archaeologist, said: “It’s almost unique to see Roman remains survive in this type of setting and to be so complete.” The dig has uncovered the remains of the hot room and its hypocaust,

Ancient Roman bathhouse found in Italy

Construction of a new Orthodox church in Rome has led to the discovery of an ancient Roman bathhouse. The remains of the bath-house show its plumbing and heating system which allowed the ancient Romans to indulge in daily hot baths. The digs also revealed the bathing area's spectacular black and white

Roman soldier’s bathhouse found in Jerusalem

An 1,800-year-old Roman bathhouse, used by soldiers, has been found in Jerusalem. "The mark of the soldiers of the Tenth Legion, in the form of the stamped impressions on the roof tiles and the in situ mud bricks, bears witness to the fact that they were the builders of the