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200-year-old remains of soldier found on Waterloo battlefield

The remains of a young man, killed during the defeat of Napoleon at Waterloo, has been found, complete with a musket ball in his ribs. "You can almost see him dying," Belgian archeologist Dominique Bosquet said of the skeleton, lying on its back with the spherical musket bullet that felled the

Civil War battlefield found at building site in Tennessee

Construction at the University of Tennessee has lead to the discovery of the first Confederate battle site identified in Knoxville. Angst and other researchers found buttons, metal straps, bullets, rivets, Union belt buckles thought to have been scavenged and pieces of stoneware from South Carolina. Forty-two friction primers, the brass pieces

Scotland’s historic battlefields

A list of Scottish battlefields with historical significance is being compiled to help with site protection efforts. It won't be complete until 2011, however. I never knew there were so many battlefields! Councils will then have to consider a site's history when deciding planning applications, although building on battlefields will not

The 6 Greatest Battlefield Mindf*cks has compiled a list of the 6 greatest battlefield mindf*cks (their title, not mine), showcasing some amazing ingenuity when it comes to military strategies. The most powerful weapon in any army's arsenal isn't a nuke--not even one of those big nukes that shoots smaller nukes. No, no weapon or technology