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Revolutionary War battlefield discovered in South Carolina

Archaeologists working in South Carolina believe they have found the site of the Battle of Port Royal Island, fought on February 3, 1779. A Lowcountry archaeologist and other history buffs say they’ve uncovered the site, and they plan to reveal its location to the public soon — with plans to turn

U.S. battlefields in danger of being lost to development

According to the U.S. Department of the Interior, a number of battlefields from the War of 1812 and the American Revolution are in danger of being lost due to development. Because much of the land where the soldiers encamped is privately held, the fields west of Benedict make up one of

For Sale: Civil War battlefield

If you've got $2.7 million lying around and have no idea what to spend it on, may I suggest buying a Civil War battlefield in Georgia. The Kennesaw tract entered Civil War history in June 1864, when Sherman's army was pushing south from Tennessee toward Atlanta. In their path was Kennesaw

Gun fragments found at War of the Roses battlefield

Parts of handheld guns have been unearthed on a North Yorkshire War of the Roses battlefield. A metal detectorist unearthed the fragments of the guns, thought to date back to the 15th Century, at the site in Towton, near Tadcaster. The find contradicts the idea that guns were only used

Scotland’s historic battlefields

A list of Scottish battlefields with historical significance is being compiled to help with site protection efforts. It won't be complete until 2011, however. I never knew there were so many battlefields! Councils will then have to consider a site's history when deciding planning applications, although building on battlefields will not