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Ancient port found on Greek island of Salamis

An ancient port, where the Greek fleet gathered against the Persians in 480 B.C., has been found on the Greek island of Salamis. According to the Ministry of Culture and Sports, the 2016 main field of research (which is under a three-year program) was the inner (western) part of the Ampelakia

Ancient battlefield found in Wales

An ancient Neolithic battlefield containing tools and weapons has been found in Cardiff, Wales. Archaeologists hoping to discover Roman and Iron Age finds at a Welsh hillfort were shocked to unearth pottery and arrowheads predating their predicted finds by 4,000 years at the home of a powerful Iron Age community, including

Battle of Hastings site actually one mile north of official site

In 1066 10,000 men were killed at the Battle of Hastings, but no remains have been found at the supposed battle site. Some historians now believe the actual battle took place one mile north of the "official site". He has studied contemporaneous documents in the national archives and built up a

Archaeologists search for Battle of Bannockburn site

Archaeologists in Scotland are employing the use of ground-penetrating radar to search for the site of the Battle of Bannockburn which took place in 1314. The first major skirmish of the two-day battle occurred on Sunday 23 June when Randolph routed around 300 English cavalry, who were attempting to relieve Stirling

200-year-old remains of soldier found on Waterloo battlefield

The remains of a young man, killed during the defeat of Napoleon at Waterloo, has been found, complete with a musket ball in his ribs. "You can almost see him dying," Belgian archeologist Dominique Bosquet said of the skeleton, lying on its back with the spherical musket bullet that felled the

Geophysical imaging reveals Wars of the Roses grave pits

An archaeologist in England has used geophysical imagery to located several grave pits containing the remains of soldiers killing during the Wars of the Roses 500 years ago. It was one of the biggest and probably the bloodiest battle ever fought on British soil. Such was its ferocity almost 1 per

Scotland’s historic battlefields

A list of Scottish battlefields with historical significance is being compiled to help with site protection efforts. It won't be complete until 2011, however. I never knew there were so many battlefields! Councils will then have to consider a site's history when deciding planning applications, although building on battlefields will not

The world’s bloodiest battles

Life Magazing has posted historical photographs and information about some of the world's bloodiest battles. [Thanks, Cristina!] A German soldier sits atop a now useless artillery gun beside the corpse of a comrade during the Battle of Kursk in July, 1943. The Soviet-German fight on the Eastern Front was the largest