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Rough seas reveal shipwreck on Maine beach

Rough seas have washed away the sands on the beaches of York, Maine, revealed the wreckage of a 160-year-old shipwreck. The 51-foot-long hull is believed to be from a late colonial or early post-colonial sloop, which means it would date from 1750 to 1850, said Leith Smith, a historical archaeologist with

WWI mines found on Welsh Beach

A woman foraging for seaweed on a beach in Wales stumbled across a collection of mines that date back to the First World War. She had gone to the beach on Wednesday to collect seaweed but said the sea was too rough. "When I turned around and headed back up the beach

Unexploded WWII bomb washes up on Irish beach

An unexploded bomb from WWII has washed up onto the shores of one of Ireland's most popular beaches. It was discovered lying near the water on the beach, which was evacuated along with part of the nearby Seacoast Road. The train line was also closed for a time as a precaution. This

Treasure hunter find cache of deadly WWII bombs

A tresure hunter in England has uncovered a deadly cache of WWII bombs buried on a beach in Dorset. A treasure hunter escaped serious injury when he unearthed a cache of bombs that were buried by the Home Guard during the darkest days of World War 2. The weapons -