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Ireland inhabited 2,500 years earlier than thought

A butchered brown bear bone is pushing back the date of habitation in Ireland to 12,500-years ago, 2,500 years earlier than previously thought. Radiocarbon dating of a butchered brown bear bone, which has been stored in a cardboard box at the National Museum of Ireland for almost 100 years, has established

2,000-year-old bronze ring for a bear to wear found in Siberia

A bronze ring which dates back 2,000 years has been found in Siberia. The diameter of the ring is too tiny for a human to where and it is believed the ring was used to adorn a bear's claw as part of a bear cult. 'The ring is tiny in diameter

Prehistoric humans and bears battled for caves

This is pretty epic to imagine - Prehistoric humans may have had to battle it out with bears for caves to live in. For the study, Bon and her colleagues performed radiocarbon dating, mitochondrial DNA analysis and isotope investigations of cave bear remains from Chauvet-Pont d'Arc and Deux-Ouvertures caves located along