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Roman-era beauty kits were used to treat trachoma

Over the years archaeologists have found a lot of Roman-era toiletry kits that contain tweezers, scrapers and other artifacts. It was initially thought that these were used as part of a regular beauty regimen, but now some researchers believe that they were used to treat, trachoma, a type of Chlamydia

Ancient Egyptians used hair gel

An analysis of an Egyptian mummies hair shows that a fat-based product was used to hold their hair styles in place. McCreesh thinks that the fatty coating is a styling product that was used to set hair in place. It was found on both natural and artificial mummies, so she believes

A history of what is sexy

StyleCaster has posted an interesting article showcasing how what we define as sexy has changed throughout history. Renaissance: From the 1400s to the early 16th century Body Type: The ideal Renaissance woman was more voluptuous then any other time in history. Paintings from this era depict women who would be

Egyptian eye make-up may have had health benefits

New research suggests that the heavy eye make-up worn by the ancient Egyptians may have have medical as well as aesthetic benefits. Lead researcher Philippe Walter said: "We knew ancients Greeks and Romans too had noted the make-up had medicinal properties, but wanted to determine exactly how." The researchers used a tiny