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Yeast microbes from the world’s oldest bottle of beer

Researchers in Australia have brewed beer with yeast discovered in an 18th-century shipwreck. Yeast microbes from the world's oldest bottle of beer — a 220-year-old bottle found in one of Australia's earliest shipwrecks — are being used to create a new, modern beer with the characteristic taste of the 18th-century brew. The

5,000-year-old Chinese beer recipe

Residue found on prehistoric pots found in China has shed new light on ancient beer-making in the region. Barley might have been the "secret ingredient" in a 5,000-year-old beer recipe that has been reconstructed from residues on prehistoric pots from China, according to new archaeological research. Scientists conducted tests on ancient pottery

5,000-year-old beer-making vessels found in Tel Aviv

Fragments of pottery used to make beer by the ancient Egyptians has been found at a construction site in Tel Aviv. Barkan and his colleagues found hundreds of pottery fragments, including broken pieces of large ceramic basins traditionally used to prepare beer — a staple of the Egyptian diet. The clay that

19th century shipwreck beer analysed

Researchers have analysed the contents of four bottles of beer that date back to the 1840s which were found in a Baltic Sea shipwreck. The new analysis found that bacteria inside the beer bottles survived 170 years until it was discovered by divers in 2010, according to Brian Gibson, senior scientist

100-year-old beer bottle found in ancient church

An intact beer bottle from the early 20th century has been found in a 6th-century church in Cornwall. “There is a small amount of the original beer left in the bottle. So, who knows, we might even be able to work out which of Walter’s ales played its small part in

Chief beer-maker’s tomb unearthed in Luxor

The tomb of a New Kingdom brewer for the temple of the goddess Mut, has been found on Luxor's west bank. The tomb of Khonso-Im-Heb is T-shaped with two halls and a burial chamber. It is also connected to an unfinished tomb of an as-yet unidentified person called Houn. Jiro Kondo, head

5,500-year-old Sumerian beer recreated

Archaeologists have teamed up with brewers at the Great Lakes Brewing Company to recreate a 5,500-year-old Sumerian beer, using only clay vessels and a wooden spoon. There is an unresolved argument in academic circles about whether the invention of beer was the primary reason that people in Mesopotamia, considered the birthplace

Bronze Age microbrewery found in Cyprus

Archaeologists in western Cyprus have unearthed a kiln used to dry malt and make beer that dates back 3,500 years. "The excavation of the malting kiln with associated sets of pottery types and tools left in place gives us a fantastic opportunity to look at Bronze Age tool kits and figure