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2,200-year-old Han Dynasty mummies undressed

Four ancient mummies from the Han Dynasty have been stripped of their clothes to prevent them from decaying along with the bodies. Among the clothes were woollen pants, knitted mantles, fabric coats, silk scarves, and brightly-coloured sheepskin boots, which offer a glimpse into the delicate handicrafts of that time, Xu was

Using 3D printers to restore artifacts

Wired has posted an interesting story about the use of 3D printing in restoring some ancient artifacts in Beijing's Forbidden City. The team is capturing the shape of the original objects using laser or optical scanners then cleaning up the data using reverse engineering techniques. This allows damaged parts of intricate

Historical Beijing quarter to be destroyed

One of the few remaining unspoilt quarters of traditional Beijing is set to be destroyed to make way for a new theme park. The area around the Drum and Bell Towers has been a vibrant part of Beijing since the days of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) and in recent years

China on hunt for looted treasure

China is sending out teams of experts to other countries to find treasure looted from the Summer Palace. The teams will be looking for precious items stolen from Beijing's former Summer Palace nearly 150 years ago. Chinese experts believe 1.5 million items could have been taken from the site, which was destroyed

Peking Man caves undergoing excavation

New excavation work has begun in the Zhoudkoudian caves located near Beijing, where the skulls of Peking Man were found in the 1920s and 30s. Apart from looking for new relics, one of the cave walls will be shored up to prevent possible collapse. Researchers will excavate 20 square meters along

Another view of the ‘Tank Man’ of Tiananmen Square

The New York Times has posted an article about a previously unpublished photograph showing the 'Tank Man' of Tiananmen Square from a different angle. It is interesting to see such an iconic picture from a different perspective and makes the moment all the more poignant. While working as a reporter in Beijing