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Revolutionary War-era musket ball tests positive for human blood

A lead musket ball fired during a battle in June 1778 has been tested positive for human blood protein. "It's very exciting in the fact that we've identified a projectile that hit a human target, which tells us definitively that we found the battlefield," said Sivilich, president of Battlefield Restoration and

Traces of human blood found on Maya arrowheads

Human (and animal) blood has been found on arrowheads collected from five Maya sites in Guatemala. This life force ceremony was one of many discoveries made in a study published recently by Meissner and Rice in the Journal of Archaeological Science. For the study, they examined 108 arrowheads from five sites

Red blood cells recovered from Ötzi the Iceman

5,300-year-old red blood cells have been recovered from the body of Ötzi the Iceman. The Iceman as he has come to be known, (also known as Ötzi) has been the object of intense scrutiny ever since being found embedded in an Alpine glacier back in 1991—he is believed to have died

Blood found on in pumpkin does not belong to Louis XVI

Analysis carried out on blood found in a pumpkin that was thought to have belong to King Louis XVI has been proven not to have belonged to the executed French monarch. The results of an international study indicate that the DNA recovered from the inside of a pumpkin, attributed so far

Did Ötzi the Iceman die from a head injury?

New research performed on the 5,300-year-old Ötzi the Iceman suggests that he died from a head injury. The protein investigation appears to support a 2007 research into the mummy’s brain. The study pointed to a cerebral trauma as the cause of death. At that time, the research relied on a CAT scan

Blood of King Louis XVI authenticated

Two years ago, analysis of DNA taken from blood traces found inside the ornate vegetable revealed a likely match for someone of Louis' description, including his blue eyes. But not having the DNA of any kingly relation, researchers could not prove beyond doubt that the blood belonged to Louis. Until now. Using the

Examination of sacrificial knives turns up human blood and tissue

Researchers in Mexico have confirmed that a set of 2,000-year-old obsidian blades were used to perform human sacrifices. Researchers in Mexico had noticed what they believed were fossilized blood stains on stone knives as long as 20 years ago. But the institute said it took a methodical examination using a scanning

Intact red blood cells recovered from Ötzi the Iceman

Researchers working on the 5,300-year-old frozen mummy named Ötzi the Iceman have recovered the oldest red bloods cells ever found from a tissue sample taken from an arrow wound in his shoulder. Zink and his colleagues took tissue samples from Ötzi's arrow wound and from an earlier wound on the mummy's