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1,000-year-old game board found at Maya site

A 1000-year-old game board has been found on the Maya site of Dzibilnocac in Mexico. “It is an esgraffito scoreboard of approximately 50 centimeters (19.68 inches) on each side, which was discovered on the floor of the second highest space” in the building denoted A1, the archaeologist said. Etched into the surface

The history of board games

Discovery News has posted an interesting article about the history of board games. The study, published in the journal Antiquity, mentions that board games likely originated and disseminated from Egypt and the Fertile Crescent regions at around 3500 B.C. From there, they spread around the Mediterranean before reaching the Roman Empire

A history of board games

Check out this nifty infographic about the history of board games. More than going to a movie, or staying home and watching television or playing video games, board games are a great way to spend an inexpensive evening home with someone you care about and enjoying each others company. Today