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Two more skeletons found during search for Mona Lisa inspiration

Two more skeletons have been found by investigators searching for the body of Lisa Gherardini, believed to be the inspiration for Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa. The two bodies were found under the basement of a former convent in Florence on Tuesday. The team believes Lisa Gherardini, said to be the model

Mass grave of massacred vikings found

A mass grave containing at least 35 skeletons has been found in Oxford, England. They may be the bodies of Vikings massacred in 1002 when King Ethelred the Unready ordered all the Danes in England to be killed. It was obvious at the time of excavation that many of the skulls

Jewish bodies found in Medieval well

17 bodies found in a medieval well in England may be evidence of early Jewish persecution. Seven skeletons were successfully tested and five of them had a DNA sequence suggesting they were likely to be members of a single Jewish family. DNA expert Dr Ian Barnes, who carried out the tests, said:

8,500-year-old skeleton found with arrow tip embedded in spine

The body of a man who was killed 8,500 years ago has been found in Turkey with an arrow tip embedded in his spine. "This tomb of a man in his 30s from the early Chalcolithic period did not seem unusual at first glance. He was buried in accordance with

Gold Rush-era bodies of hanged convicts found

Four Gold Rush-era bodies belonging to hanged convicts have been found by construction workers building a new sewage treatment plant in the Yukon. All four bodies uncovered to date have been in coffins, although remains of the fourth coffin were not found until Tuesday. "We are certain that these are

Mass graves found on Iwo Jima

Two mass graves containing the bodies of up to 2,000 Japanese soldiers have been found on the island of Iwo Jima. A team of Japanese searchers has discovered 51 remains in two areas listed by the U.S. military after the war as enemy cemeteries, one of which could contain as

Nine historic figures whose bodies may be missing

Mental_Floss has posted an interesting list detailing nine historic figures whose bodies may be missing. 3. Genghis Khan. Speaking of tyrants, here’s another one who has gone missing. Unlike Vlad, though, Genghis has disappeared at his own request. He asked to be buried in an unmarked grave and his wishes

Mass grave of executed headlesss vikings found in England

Last year I posted a story about the discovery of a load of headless bodies which were found in a mass grave in England. At the time there was speculation that they may have been executed vikings. Testing has now confirmed that they were! The discovery, during construction of