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Bog clothing analysed

Analysis carried out on 2,000-year-old bog clothing has revealed that Iron Age garments were made from domesticated animals. Brandt analysed 12 samples from ten cloaks and a tunic from the Danish National Museum’s collection of leather suits that were preserved at a number of archaeological sites in Jutland, West Denmark. All

2,000-year-old Bog Butter found in Ireland

2,000-year-old "bog butter" has been found 12 feet below the surface in the Emlagh Bog in Ireland. Bog butter was often buried to preserve it to be dug up at a later date. Other research has shed light on it being buried as an offering to the gods or spirits in

Neolithic flint axes found in Denmark

Two Neolithic flint axes, the largest yet found, have been found in a drained bog near Tastum Lake. Archaeologists at nearby Viborg Museum theorise that the axes were placed in the bog as part of a ritual sacrifice sometime during the early Stone Age around 3800-3500 BC. “It’s fascinating that they could

Bog body found in Ireland

The lower leg bones of an adult have been found in Ireland's Rossan Bog. A team of archaeologists and conservators from the National Museum of Ireland spent last weekend examining the find at the bog before removing the remains on Monday. They have yet to determine the gender or age of the

Researchers map Columbian mammoth DNA

Researchers are working to map the DNA of a Columbian mammoth discovered in a bog in the Mani La-Sal National Forest in Utah twenty-five years ago. According to USU Eastern Prehistoric Museum Curator of Archaeology Tim Riley, the massive amount of research performed on this specimen has yielded some of the

Irish bog body may be world’s oldest

The mummified remains of a young man found in an Irish bog two years ago have been dated back to 2,000 B.C., 1,500 years older than previously thought. The 4,000-year-old remains, which predate the famed Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun by nearly 700 years, are those of a young adult male. He is believed

Remains of hundreds of warriors found in Danish bog

The remains of hundreds of warriors who died violent deaths 2,000 years ago are being excavated from a bog in Denmark. The evidence of violence is clear at the site, which is now a bog. Excavators reported today (Aug. 14) that they have uncovered damaged human bones, including a fractured skull

Iron Age head found in bog belonged to murder victim

The nearly 2,000-year-old head of a man found in a bog in 1958 has undergone a CAT scan, revealing some grizzly details about his death. Bryan Sitch, curator of archaeology at Manchester Museum, said it now appeared the man was bludgeoned over the head, garrotted then beheaded. He said: "The radiology staff