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WWII bomb defused in Greece

A WWII bomb discovered during roadworks in Greece had to be defused after evacuating thousands of people from the area. The 1.5-metre (4.9-feet) -long bomb was initially thought to contain nearly 250 kilogrammes (550 pounds) of explosives, but on closer inspection was found to be a 170-kilo device. Army chief of staff

Boy finds WWII bomb with metal detector

A boy who received a metal detector for Christmas has found a WWII bomb buried in a field in England. Sonny Cater was exploring fields near his house when the National Geographic metal detector, worth £30, led him to a mud-caked metal capsule. He took it home but his father Jem, 37,

Bomb squad called to remove Civil War relics from house

The bomb squad was called in to a house in Virginia to diffuse several explosive items a Civil War relic hunter had in his collection. When Cleveland decided it was time to part with a Civil War-era cannonball and a mortar shell, he figured the safest and most effective way was

WWII bomb detonated in Munich

An unexploded bomb from the second World War was found at a building site in Munich and a bomb disposal team was called in to detonate it. Overnight, 2,500 residents were evacuated from the area closest to the bomb, with others living further away being told to stay in their homes. Experts

Live WWII bomb neutralized in France

Construction work in the south of France unearthed a live WWII bomb, forcing the evacuation of 1,500 residents in the area. The bomb was discovered by builders working on a retirement home construction site, The Riviera Times reported. The bomb, wrapped with a cable and pillows to absorb any potential shock,

Unexploded WWII bomb washes up on Irish beach

An unexploded bomb from WWII has washed up onto the shores of one of Ireland's most popular beaches. It was discovered lying near the water on the beach, which was evacuated along with part of the nearby Seacoast Road. The train line was also closed for a time as a precaution. This

Remains found of buried alive German WWI soldiers

The remains of 21 German soldiers who were buried alive after a bomb went off above their underground shelter have been found. The men were part of a larger group of 34 who were buried alive when an Allied shell exploded above the tunnel in 1918 causing it to cave in. Thirteen

Japanese WWII land mines discovered in Philippines

A number of Japanese land mines installed during WWII have been found dotting the coastline of Kawit Island in the Philippines. Bersales related that at the Talisay City landing on March 26, 1945, the American forces were surprised that there was no resistance or gunfire from the beach. But the coastline was